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L'équipe ADOPIA au Musée d'Aquitaine le 19 octobre 2023 pour la table ronde internationale :
Onomastique et histoire socio-culturelle de la province romaine de Bétique : une perspective comparée



Mesa retonda Cordoba




The directors (Jonathan Edmondson and Milagros Navarro Caballero) and technical manager (Nathalie Prévôt) of the project ADOPIA (Digital Onomastic Atlas of the Iberian Peninsula in Antiquity) take great pleasure in presenting to the academic community a new version of our database: ADOPIA 2.0.

nouvelle version d'adopia

This is a corrected and enhanced version of the original database not just in terms of its technical and visual aspects, but also in the quality of the data it contains. It offers an increased number of search categories, while more onomastic elements can be searched and represented cartographically. Navigation of the site is now more intuitive and flexible in all its constituent parts, thanks to its adaptive design (“responsive web design”), while information is presented in a more ergonomic and interactive fashion, especially the mapping of data, thus facilitating the manner in which users may interact with the database. Geographical and bibliographic links are now more numerous. This new version also allows onomastic data to be presented automatically in graphic format – in the form of pie-charts and bar-graphs – in the course of individual searches. All these new elements are explained in the new Guide for Searching ADOPIA, accessible from the website’s main page. This new version replaces the original website, ADOPIA 1.0, launched in 2016, which now forms part of our project’s history.

ancienne version d'adopia

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Réunion de lancement du programme international ADOPIA-BAETICA à l'Université de Séville

(Sevilla, 11-12 juillet 2018)


Réunion de travail du programme international ADOPIA dans le siège du Archivo Epigráfico de Hispania.

(Madrid, 13 novembre 2017)



Poster (AIEGL 08/2017)


Réunion de lancement du programme international ADOPIA dans le siège du Archivo Epigráfico de Hispania avec sa directrice, Isabel Velázquez.

(Madrid, 28 septembre 2016)


Présentation du projet ADOPIA Lusitania à l'occasion de la IX MESA REDONDA INTERNACIONAL SOBRE LUSITANIA ROMANA

 par M. Navarro Caballero et J. Edmondson

(Madrid, Museo Arqueológico Nacional, 29 septembre 2016)